ecoLoop / I’m eco – Packaging from the recycling circuit

ecoLoop/I’m eco – packaging is made from recycled film waste and is manufactured in a closed recycling loop process. Film waste is processed and then manufactured into new recycled carrier bags.

Industrial film packaging consists of 30-50% and carrier bags at least 85% Post Consumer Recycling (PCR) material.

PCR material packaging is recyclable and reduces the generation of waste. It uses 80% less fossil fuels and there is a 40% reduction in CO2e emissions* during manufacture over virgin material carrier bags.

ecoLoop carrier bags can be re-used many times, achieving the best eco-balance. They are certified with the “Blue Angel“eco label. The Federal Environmental Agency considers recycled plastic packaging which carries the “Blue Angel“eco label an excellent alternative.

Blauer Engel

Environmental certification for carrier bags made from recycled PE.

Video – ecoLoop / I’m eco the environmental friendly packaging

ecoLoop / I'm eco – The success story

Waste packaging is valuable. Our eco-friendly recycling system guarantees a long term, cost-saving waste disposal. Papier-Mettler recycles its own waste flexible plastic packaging into valuable raw materials and ensures consistent quality. A perfect blend of ecology and economy with the guarantee of a verified recycling loop. In 1992 the company, its headquarters in Morbach, Germany - launched its first recycling facility. The recycling capacity is steadily increasing and Papier-Mettler boasts the largest production capacity in Europe.

Recycling is a tradition we are proud of, as Post Consumer Recycling (PCR) is by no means a conventional procedure over Industry Recycling (IR). Papier-Mettler have the technical specialist knowledge and experience to produce environmentally friendly ecoLoop bags.

Recycling in a closed material loop – The 6 steps of the ecoLoop cycle



We deliver your packaging and collect your plastic waste at the same time with the same vehicle and return it to our factory.



In our recycling plant the plastic waste film is shredded.


Washing process & drying

The shredded material is then washed, dried and melted down.



The material is then cut into small pellets, cooled in cold water and finally dried.


Quality Control

Only high quality raw material is approved for manufacture passing our stringent quality control assessment.



Recycled film is made from the film granulate and then processed to manufacture new carrier bags.