Whether it is an online shop, drive-in or click-and-collect purchase – they are all new trends in today’s fast-paced life which are gaining in importance.

Ordering groceries online, driving to the local store to collect them without having to get out of the car saves both time and effort. This is becoming more appealing to customers and many food retailers are responding by opening special collection points.

Papier-Mettler has now joined forces with some of Europe’s leading supermarket chains to develop a carrier bag which is easy for store pickers and customers to handle and convenient to carry.

The bag has been designed with a wide base to provide stability saving time and money when the groceries are picked from the warehouse or store. The bag has also been designed to prevent food falling out when standing in the car boot during transit. This means that the groceries you sell will arrive at the customer in top condition.

The Papier-Mettler E-food carrier bag makes your journey easier!

Carrier Bags and pouches

Our carrier bags are available in either paper or plastic which both have their benefits depending on the application. For example, we would recommend using a plastic bag for groceries transported on dry ice. Get in touch and we can advise you on the best product for your application.