bioStep – compostable packaging, part bio-based

bioStep carrier bags are partly bio-based and manufactured from the starch of renewable sources, such as potato or corn.

There is an increasing shortage of fossil fuels such as coal, crude oil and gas and so renewable raw materials are becoming more significant. Even the nation’s economy increasingly depends on renewable resources. Environmentally-friendly manufactured products – in comparison to fossil fuels - help alleviate environmental, climate and waste concerns.

In order to take this fact into account Papier-Mettler complemented its product range with the material bioStep – a bio-based compostable film made from up to 50% renewable raw materials. It is industrially compostable to DIN EN 13432 and the decomposition period (90 %) is approximately twelve weeks, in house compost 180 days. bioStep film has TÜV-Austria certification for OK Compost and has an excellent print quality.

Please note: bioStep is regrettably not a solution to remedy the increase of plastic in our sea as these carrier bags only decompose with exposure to living organisms, humidity and high temperatures (heat), but not in water. bioStep is equally not recyclable due to its continual decomposition.

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