In the construction and eco build sector as well as interior design field, specifications and standards have increased considerably. As a consequence, functional films used for soundproofing and insulation/protection are in higher demand.

Papier-Mettler offers a wide range of technical films such as ultra-modern damp-proof films specifically used in roof construction and insulation as well as base films for adhesive tapes with their tensile and damp-proofing properties. Bespoke plastic packaging can also be supplied as dust-proof packaging for fine powdered products. Intelligent transit packaging in the form of machine, hand and stretch hood film completes the range.

Aids diffusion in modern and eco house building

  • Maximal damp, wind and cold weather protection
  • Diffusion specification based on customer requirements, tested using in-house measuring tools
  • Assists controlled air exchange in buildings and between buildings and environment
  • Can also be used in interior conversions as well as roof insulation on flat and pitched roofing
  • Special anti-slip films for pitched roof applications
  • Complies with customary fire regulations and pitch roof requirements

Special films for construction applications (barrier films / base films)

  • Damp-proof films
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Coex and multi-layer composite films
  • Weather-resistant base films
  • Long and short length reels
  • Customised print / labelling

Low-cost weather resistant

  • In mono and coex material
  • Uses sustainable raw materials
  • Opaque and transparent films
  • UV protection
  • UV barrier
  • Print in up to 10 colours

One-stop supplier and manufacturer of PE-based transit packaging

  • In-house cast and blown film extrusion
  • Option to optimise pallet stability in tandem with the shrink wrap used
  • Collaboration with independent testing authorities for the validation and optimisation of the pallet stability of our customers
  • Process simulation using in-house stretch film and stretch hood machines incorporating custom developed quality control systems
  • Protective sheet film manufactured with a high percentage of post-consumer granulate
  • Oxo raw materials available upon request

Machine packing with maximum rigidity

  • Manual or automated packing
  • Various film types available
  • Anti-static agents and UV-stabilizers added
  • Printed or unprinted
  • Solid colours, smooth or textured, part or full surface microperforation
  • Dust and moisture protection

Products for the construction industry

  • Linked bags for small parts and screws
  • Resealable bags
  • Opaque and UV-stabilized bags
  • Oxygen barrier for delicate product content
  • Recycled material option
  • Print up to 10 colours