Papier-Mettler supplies individual packaging solutions for all bulk, powdered and grain products. These are particularly suitable for use in automated and manual processing as well as secure transportation. Due to its high tear strength and puncture resistance and excellent welding properties your products are protected against weather and transport damage.

Your brand can be perfectly positioned with print imagery in up to 10 colours. Papier-Mettler also offers an option of sustainable packaging solutions from renewable materials and recycled waste films.

Tubular films for automated packing according to the Form-Fill-and-Seal process

  • Cutting-edge co-extrusion technology enables the use of Post Consumer Granulate or granulate from renewable materials
  • Protects the packaging content against external factors
  • Excellent welding properties
  • High tear strength and puncture resistance
  • High quality flexo-printing in up to 10 colours

Our laminated film PM-Optilaminates

  • Perfect product protection
  • Appealing product presentation at Point of Sale
  • Solvent-free duplex manufacture
  • Barrier offering excellent seal properties against light, gas and moisture etc.
  • HD flexoprint finish for premium design sales packaging

The perfect protective film sheeting will ensure that goods are despatched on pallets safely, securely and undamaged.

  • Manufacture of conventional protective film sheeting and protective film sheeting with a high content of Post Consumer Granulate
  • Optimal dust and dirt protection
  • Perforated film optional

One-stop supplier and manufacturer of PE based transit packaging

  • In-house cast and blown film extrusion
  • Total pallet stability optimisation
  • Collaboration with independent test institutes for pallet stability validation and optimisation of customers
  • Process simulation using in-house stretch film and stretch hood machines incorporating custom developed quality control systems