Food safety is paramount in the meat, fish and processed meat industry. With our high-tech primary packaging we pay a great deal of attention to all hygiene and safety aspects, especially in terms of its properties to ensure product freshness. Our products guarantee an extended shelf life and an optimal shopping experience at point of sale. In addition, our diverse packaging portfolio offers excellent printability for outstanding shelf appeal.

To ensure that the product arrives to the customer in the safest and most fresh condition we offer a wide range of packaging solutions such MAP trays, shrink wrap packaging and frozen food film.

The tray packaging is made from polypropylene with modified atmosphere packaging technology. Our products comply with all quality and safety regulations and guarantee an extended shelf life to ensure that the product arrives to the customer in the freshest condition, giving an optimal shopping experience at point of sale.

MAP trays

MAP trays with or without pad

Our MAP trays for perfect machine operation

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology
  • Extends shelf life
  • No use of preservatives
  • The product retains its natural colour and condition
  • Pads available in various thicknesses
  • Ideal applications are meat, fish, poultry, sausages and vegetables
  • Different colour options

Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology, or in short MAP technology’s key benefits are a longer shelf life and fresh taste without the use of preservatives.

The pre-extruded film is moulded into trays with state-of-the-art thermoforming machines using special tools. The trays are then hygienically packed into closed boxes.

Papier-Mettler MAP trays are made from polypropylene (PP). MAP changes the ambient atmosphere in packaging to prevent bacteria growth rather than using thermal processes to extend shelf life. Modified atmosphere packaging is gas flushed, replacing air with nitrogen or a nitrogen/oxygen mix. This inhibits spoilage and prevents the growth of bacteria that adversely affect food colour and taste.

Our MAP trays are available in the following standard sizes:

For securely packaged frozen food with excellent product branding appeal

  • Coex and mono films
  • Laminated films
  • Freeze-resistant inks
  • Sustainable material options (I’m Green)
  • Can be printed in up to 10 colours
  • Protects the product, screens light and retains flavour
  • Excellent product printability
  • Approved and certified production facilities

Fresh food, transit and sales packaging – all from one source

  • Top and base web film, from mono, coex and laminate materials
  • Vacuum packed with high performance barrier
  • Re-closeable and excellent peelability

Our peel films are ideal as food packaging

  • Easy to open
  • X-Peel – re-closable packaging
  • Hygienic
  • Protects the food from drying out
  • Special “anti-fog“ properties providing a high level of packaging transparency

Our laminated film PM-Optilaminates

  • Perfect product protection
  • Appealing product presentation at Point of Sale
  • Solvent-free duplex manufacture
  • Barrier offering excellent seal properties against light, gas and moisture etc.
  • HD flexoprint finish for premium design sales packaging

One-stop supplier and manufacturer of PE-based transit packaging

  • In-house cast and blown film extrusion
  • Option to optimise pallet stability in tandem with the shrink wrap used
  • Collaboration with independent testing authorities for the validation and optimisation of the pallet stability of our customers
  • Process simulation using in-house stretch film and stretch hood machines incorporating custom developed quality control systems
  • Protective sheet film manufactured with a high percentage of post-consumer granulate
  • Oxo raw materials available upon request