Product packaging in the energy and electronics sector is subject to special requirements. It requires protection against moisture, dust and dirt, and in certain cases must be electrically conductive, to counteract static charges or combustion. Papier-Mettler offers high-performance product solutions which can master any challenge: flat or laminated films or bag packaging. Our stretch film and stretch shrouds compliment the range, providing excellent transport and storage protection.

These special films or bags are ideally suited for the professional packing of electronic parts such as circuit boards, chips and storage media etc. used during storage and transit.

Flexible packaging for electronic part protection

  • Flat, semi-tubular and tubular films
  • Tubular films for small bag manufacture
  • Pre-manufactured bags with numerous sealing options

Special packaging for secure transport and product protection

  • Aluminium layer UV-Protection
  • Gas and oxygen barriers
  • Can be manufactured into roll material or small bags

Packaging with easy-open function

  • Easy to open
  • No tools required
  • Added product USP