Duty of care at Papier-Mettler

As a packaging manufacturer that has been active on the market for more than sixty years, we are aware of our special responsibility. Papier-Mettler KG is expressly committed to respecting and protecting human rights and the environment and complying with the relevant requirements.

From January 2024, the "Act on Corporate Due Diligence to Prevent Human Rights Violations in the Supply Chain (LkSG)", also known as the "Supply Chain Due Diligence Act", will also apply to us.

Background to the LkSG

The LkSG obliges companies to adequately observe human rights and environmental due diligence obligations in their supply chains and to introduce risk management. This prevents risks relating to human rights and the environment. Where human rights or environmental obligations are violated, these should be ended as quickly as possible.

Papier-Mettler KG uses its own policies and guidelines for employees, suppliers and business partners. The Declaration of Principles and the Code of Conduct of Papier-Mettler KG with the values set out therein serve as binding guidelines for all employees and managers.

The principles and requirements with regard to compliance with laws, human rights and environmental standards in the supply chains are regulated by the Code of Conduct for Suppliers and the Declaration of Principles.
Carefully selected suppliers and sustainable supply chains are central components of our purchasing policy and sustainability management. At Papier-Mettler KG, our Human Rights Officer coordinates the implementation of processes for compliance with due diligence obligations in accordance with Section 4 (3) of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG).
Papier-Mettler KG uses the risk management system to assess human and environmental risks in its own business operations and in upstream supply chains. To this end, risks are analysed on an ongoing basis and measures are implemented to identify, minimise and prevent risks.

Relevant risks are identified as part of risk management. These are then assessed according to their probability of occurrence and significance and assigned to individual areas and responsible parties.
Papier-Mettler KG aims to avert or minimise human rights and environmental risks through its measures. We expect our employees, suppliers and business partners to comply with applicable laws, conventions and binding directives and guidelines. Any breaches of duty will not be tolerated and will be appropriately sanctioned.

Requirements for Papier-Mettler KG arising from the law also affect the rest of the supply chain. Information and assurances from suppliers are required for the risk assessment.
We have set up a complaints office through which information on human rights and environmental risks or violations can be submitted. Our complaints procedure for the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act guarantees transparent and trustworthy handling of reports of violations of human rights or environmental obligations as defined by the LkSG.


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In our rules of procedure, the most important information on the complaints procedure is presented in a clear, comprehensible and transparent manner.

Here you can find our rules of procedure for the complaints procedure according to § 8 LkSG

Documentation and reporting

The effectiveness of our measures is reviewed by us at least once a year and on an ad hoc basis if we have to reckon with a significantly changed or significantly expanded risk situation in our own business area or at a direct supplier, for example due to the introduction of new products, projects or a new business area. The measures are repeated immediately if necessary. The approach, progress and commitments made with regard to human rights are reported on annually in retrospect.