We are the ideal partner for all your recycling needs!

We have continually been expanding our recycling concept since 1992 and are in position to offer you a unique sustainability programme. We use our ecoLoop®/I’m eco® concept to turn plastic waste into high quality carrier bags and films to create a closed loop. This reduces our carbon footprint, prolongs the life cycle of packaging and raw materials used in plastic production and helps to preserve valuable natural resources.

Papier-Mettler boasts the largest recycling capacity within our industry anywhere in Europe and offers a recycling concept that is individually tailored to the needs of the customer. Raw material resources can therefore be used time and time again. This concept has been awarded the "Blue Angel" eco-label and perfectly combines environmental and economic aspects.


A collaboration with selected suppliers

Papier-Mettler boasts the largest silo capacity worldwide. We guarantee supply by working with a selection of suppliers with whom we have longstanding strategic relationships. We also put great emphasis on a comprehensive incoming goods inspection and ongoing supplier assessment. Our silos and fully automated high rack warehousing ensure optimum raw material storage conditions.


Always ready with the right solution!

Experience, high quality raw materials and the use of computer-controlled high-performance equipment are essential when extruding film. This comes as standard at Papier-Mettler.

The results speak for themselves: we offer an impressive product range for all different types of applications.

Papier-Mettler uses its capacity to create flexibility. Co-extruded LDPE film with different composite characteristics and stretch film are just two of the possibilities.


Papier-Mettler quality will leave you holding all the aces!

We produce our own printing plates using a special computer-aided ink mixing system. Our own printing plate manufacture, computer-controlled colour mixing system and exceptional printing expertise guarantee superb quality in up to ten colours. Put visual marketing in the hands of our in-house agency and show off your products in the very best light.

A number of renowned awards have confirmed the exceptional quality Papier-Mettler is able to offer. These included first place in the Cyrel Grand Prix for carrier bags.

Artwork service & packaging design

Packaging plays an important role and as an advertising medium it creates a unique selling point and offers opportunities exceeding its functional role. An impressive advertising concept will help you to effectively promote your products and services.

Our in-house design team provides a creative and efficient artwork service to ensure your product is successfully promoted.

Whatever choice is right for your company, we will work with you to implement an individual concept for your business. By communicating more effectively with your customers you will position yourself successfully in the market for the future.


We offer you a free hand in the selection of your packaging options!

Capacity alone is not enough to make a company successful! Cutting-edge technology together with a motivated workforce makes Papier-Mettler unbeatable. Manufacturing at Papier-Mettler offers an extensive range of design options. Whether it concerns paper or plastic products, you can choose from a limitless supply of film and paper grades and that all from one source.

This enables us to provide you with a high quality and diverse range of products which is constantly expanding.


Your requirements delivered on time and in full!

Boasting the largest silo capacity in the industry, huge paper stocks, fully automated high-rack warehousing and a worldwide logistics network, our customers are provided with security and flexibility that they can rely on – all the way from initial order placement to the actual delivery of the finished product. Highly efficient logistics are in place to meet the requirements of various markets. Using our own fleet of vehicles combined with the services of our logistic partners worldwide, we are able to develop individual logistic concepts. Above all, our high-rack warehousing capacity acts in conjunction with flexible transport solutions to guarantee you security of supply at all times.