The German Post Office delivers promotional material to over 20 million homes in Germany on a weekly basis. This equates to over 1 billion postal deliveries per year. Papier-Mettler offers the perfect packaging solution for the bulk mailing of newspapers, flyers and other publications. The transparent, non-slip films were developed especially for postal dispatch and provide not only adequate protection but also produce less waste.

PE clear plastic wrap for catalogues, magazines and direct mail applications

  • Extensive experience and process stability in the manufacture of very thin plastic wrap, for all standard packaging machines
  • Cutting-edge co-extrusion technology enables the use of Post Consumer Granulate even for low thickness films
  • Papier-Mettler is the officially approved supplier of pre-printed delivery address plastic wrap in the central sorting offices of the EU and Switzerland
  • Security of supply and batch size optimisation due to our own European warehouse and logistics network

One-stop supplier and manufacturer of PE-based transit packaging

  • In-house cast and blown film extrusion
  • Option to optimise pallet stability in tandem with the shrink wrap used
  • Collaboration with independent testing authorities for the validation and optimisation of the pallet stability of our customers
  • Process simulation using in-house stretch film and stretch hood machines incorporating custom developed quality control systems
  • Protective sheet film manufactured with a high percentage of post-consumer granulate