Secure packaging is essential for packing glass products. Papier-Mettler has a wide range of products to enable your goods to arrive at their destination in shatterproof and sturdy glass packaging.

Due to a wealth of experience in pallet safety Papier-Mettler can supply many products for perfect, safe and secure transportation: stretch film, hoods and shrink wrap shrouds.

One-stop supplier and manufacturer of PE-based transit packaging

  • In-house cast and blown film extrusion
  • Option to optimise pallet stability in tandem with the shrink wrap used
  • Collaboration with independent testing authorities for the validation and optimisation of the pallet stability of our customers
  • Process simulation using in-house stretch film and stretch hood machines incorporating custom developed quality control systems
  • Protective sheet film manufactured with a high percentage of post-consumer granulate

One-stop supplier and manufacturer of PE based shrink wrap film

  • State-of-the-art co-extrusion technology
  • In-house R&D centre for the ongoing research into material thickness optimisation
  • Anti-slip properties as an optional feature
  • Security of supply and batch size optimisation due to our own European warehouse and logistics network