The Papier-Mettler DuraBag®

It unites environmentally sustainable trade with social responsibility and also provides ecological advantages. The innovative permanent carrier bag is manufactured in Germany and offers a maximum of flexibility.

The Papier-Mettler DuraBag® is recyclable and made from post-consumer-recycled material (ecoLoop®). The DuraBag® can be returned to the recycling loop after reusing mutilple times. Select the sustainable bag concept.

Why is the PM DuraBag® the perfect packaging solution?

  • Made in Germany

    The Papier-Mettler DuraBag® combines the idea of ecologically sustainable action with social responsibility and at the same time offers economic advantages and a maximum of flexibility.

  • Reduced CO2e* emissions due to short transport distances

    Short transport routes, highest production standards and sustainable materials reduce the CO2e emissions* of the paper-mettler DuraBag® and enable short-term campaign motifs.

  • Very robust and reusable several times

    Due to the unique double layer, the paper-mettler DuraBag® is particularly robust and reusable several times.

  • Available in sustainable raw materials

    The Papier-Mettler DuraBag® is available both in recycled material (ecoLoop®) - awarded the Blue Angel environmental seal - and from the renewable raw material sugar cane (I'm green™).

  • 100% recyclable

    Both the Papier-Mettler DuraBag® variant ecoLoop® and I'm green™ are 100% recyclable and can be returned to the recycling cycle after proper disposal.

  • Attractive price level

    Short transport routes and machine production ensure an attractive price level of the paper-mettler DuraBag®.

  • Climate neutral production possible

    By purchasing emission reduction certificates, the paper-mettler DuraBag® can be produced climate-neutrally. This means that CO2e* emissions that occur during the production of the carrier bags are offset by certified climate protection projects.

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* with e for „equivalent“, dt. Äquivalente

Recycling protects the environment

Papier-Mettler is a specialist in the production of Post-Consumer-Recycling (PCR) packaging which is certified with the “Blue Angel“ eco label.

The entire value chain is processed in-house in a unique Closed Loop concept!

Instead of exporting plastic waste, we recycle it in Europe and create competitive and sustainable packaging solutions.